Why is Michigan Education Broken and What About Our Education Budget and Accountability?

This is a complex issue and there is a ton of propaganda out there about how our schools are underfunded and do not get enough resources. This is not the case!  If you look at the spending in MI over the past several years - it has gone up, while results have gone down.  On the national level, the U.S. Department of Education has spent over a trillion dollars with the goal of helping the poor children.  Instead the poor children are not better off, and the rest of the children are performing worse. 

Tami's philosophy on money in education is based on providing each child the best education for a bright future so they can thrive and so can our state and nation.  When it comes down to it; we either spend up front or we pay later in welfare, jail costs, etc.  The amount we must spend is whatever amount it takes to give each child an excellent education.  She also strongly believes every dollar given must be spent wisely and have a direct and positive impact on educating the children.  There is a lot of waste, money that is unaccounted for, and schools are being asked to do things well beyond their primary job.

Our problem is a very powerful and centralized system that serves interests who are not concerned with achieving excellence in education. Activists like Tami standing up and challenging the corrupt system is the only hope that our children have for a bright future.

How to Return Truth and Excellence to Education for Every Child

****Ban Common Core, NGSS and C3 and replace with the proven best standards.

  • Stop the Leftist, Marxist, Communist indoctrination and return academic and intellectual integrity to our schools.

  • Explicit Phonics education for every child in every grade until all children can read.

  • High academics using proven educational methods based on proper child development. Classical education including America’s Founding; classical literature; explicit phonics; scientific method & fact-based science including chemistry & physics with theory presented as such, efficient & effective math teaching foundation then building blocks.

  • Stop teaching to tests and make sure every child's intellectual development comes first.

  • Increase entrance & graduation requirements for Teachers & provide merit-based pay so our children get the best in their classrooms.

  • Remove unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative positions to save taxpayer money.

  • Stop the systemic discrimination against Conservative Professors, Teachers and Students at our schools and colleges.

  • Return local control and parental rights to our schools.

  • Protect home school freedom.

  • Prevent invasive and unconstitutional Vaccination mandates.

  • Make sure the personally identifiable Information of children is protected and our children are never data mined.

  • Stop LGBT educational mandates and boys in girls' sports.

  • Return respect and discipline to the classroom.

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