The Future of our Nation is at Stake, as is the Precious Heart and Mind of Every Child

Our children are being indoctrinated by politically charged "standards" and liberal activists in the classroom. We have heard about how pro-Trump teachers are fired, like in Walled Lake, while teachers who blatantly bash Trump in the classroom get to keep their jobs. This is not right by any means and our children are also learning disrespect, division and hostility from this behavior. 

Education must be politically neutral, and all teachers must be professional. Child development is a serious matter that our schools must not ignore.  Tami is about TRUTH and EXCELLENCE in education for every child.


These "Standards" Have Proven to be a Failed Experiment and Must be Replaced with the Proven Best

Common Core has been an abomination to our children, as has the aligned NGSS Science and C3 Social Studies "Standards."  Student achievement is plummeting. 

Tami has been a grassroots leader against Common Core, NGSS and C3 since its inception.  Because of all the lobbyists and special interests behind Common Core, it has not been an easy fight.  Nevertheless, Tami is a Bold Leader and she will never give up fighting for the children and for our state and nation.  Now that parents understand these "standards" have failed their children, the time is now to end Common Core and to replace them with standards that put our children first!


Schools are Collecting Large Amounts of Data About our Children, it is Completely Inappropriate, and it Must Stop. 

Children are being treated like guinea pigs due to provisions of Common Core and the changing of three definitions in FERPA.  Digital learning platforms have been designed by large corporations to soak up data about our children.  Our children must not be data mined.

There have been many cases were this data was not used appropriately, was hacked, and where children were being watched with their computer camera's.  Our children must be protected.


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