All one has to do is look at the results to know our state is in trouble in regard to education. 

MI ed spending is up to $14.8 billion in 2018 (increasing every year despite a decline in student enrollment) yet school results are on a steady decline.

The Wall Street Journal summed it up perfectly in January of 2018

"Few state school systems report worse achievement metrics than Michigan."


Our 8th grade NAEP test proficiency rate is 28.5% in math & 31.8% in reading.

In 4th grade we are at 28.6% proficiency in reading.

******A 28% proficiency rate, if we are talking about 100,000 students, means 72,000 of them are NOT proficient!

This is not a money problem. 

This is a problem of our schools using unproven educational methods on our children, like Common Core, data mining & constant testing/ teaching to the test, & our schools not making decisions based on what is in the best interests of the students.

Need an example?  

We have had Common Core in MI for 10 years & results have gone down.

On our own state test, 3rd Grade reading proficiency, which is a strong factor in determining educational success, has gone from 75% in 2007 to 44% now.

  Is anybody moving to proven effective standards, tests, methods, etc.? 
Who is being best served?  Certainly not the students.

My bill, HB 4192, would have gotten MI out of Common Core, the related testing, the inappropriate data collection, MI involvement in national education consortium's, and it would return local control & parental rights.  It would also give MI students proven best in nation standards, & tests in all core subjects.  It took 2 years to write so MI would avoid a fake repeal like other states experienced.  It never got through Lansing despite being voted a "Best in Nation" bill by leading national education experts.

We spent on average $12,765 per student in 2017, which was the 21st highest in the nation, despite our cost of living being 22nd lowest in the nation.   I am all for spending money on our public schools, but I expect excellent results.

Our teachers make $62,000 on average which is the 23rd highest in the nation.  I am all for high pay for teachers best serving their students. 

Our HS graduation rate is the 11th lowest in the nation.

Also, where is the accountability? 

I asked Lansing what happened to the millions sent to Detroit schools to fix the buildings that are falling apart, since they are still falling apart, and I get "I don't know." 


How can we not know where millions of dollars went? 

Is there no paper trail? 

Are there no internal controls? 

Where are the Auditors? 

*****We MUST understand the power & accountability structure in Michigan schools and hold people accountable for the failures, or our schools will never be excellent.

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