Putting Michigan Children First

During COVID-19, children's rights are under attack like never before. Tami will make sure that Michigan children have an advocate on the State of Michigan Board of Education who will speak out and push back against any unnecessary mandates or plans that do not put children first.  Our children deserve the best we can offer them, and an excellent education is critical for every child.  We can have a clean and healthy environment while also fulfilling this essential role.

Why Is Tami Running to Serve Michigan on the State Board of Education?

As a principled patriot with a proven passion for educating and for education, Tami has been called to use her extensive expertise in education to get our schools back to providing a truthful and excellent education for every child.  As a DAR, a cousin of a former U.S. Border Patrol Chief, a Mom and a citizen of our great country, Tami will be a servant leader in this capacity in order to reclaim our great nation from the grips of Progressivism.


About Tami

Education Advocacy

  • Tami became an Education Activist 20 years ago when she discovered the biased teachings her children were receiving in the public-school district. She took it upon herself to supplement their education with balanced and accurate material while incorporating incredible summer courses. Tami's son graduated from the University of MI a couple of years ago with a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and her daughter is currently at UM in the Honors College finishing up her degree in Neuroscience.  Her local advocacy to stop biased teachings & to get truth & excellence in local public schools included:

  • Northville school district – In school volunteer for 16 years; worked with educators to ensure the curriculum was excellent & proper. Worked with school leadership to rid the high school of a book that many consider very inappropriate for K-12.

  • Plymouth-Canton school district - Worked with parents & students there to eliminate biased textbooks & other supplemental materials.

  • Truth in American Education national network member for 7 years. TAE is made up of education experts & advocates who share best educational practices & communicate daily via e-mail, keeping the pulse on the status of education in every state of the nation. Tami is highly active in this group and has many national education experts at her fingertips. https://truthinamericaneducation.com/

  • U.S. Parents Involved in Education member for 4 years and MIPIE Founding Board Member. USPIE is a national education advocacy group advocating for parental and local control of education. Check out the blueprint on how to end federal level involvement in our schools: https://uspie.org/

  • Stop Common Core in Michigan Vice President for 6 years. Co-authored HB 4192, sponsored by Rep. Gary Glenn, to get MI out of Common Core & to:

-        stop Common Core testing,

-        stop MI involvement in national education consortium's,

-        give our students the proven best standards & tests in nation,

-        stop the inappropriate data collection on our children,

-        & to return local control.

Tami knew Common Core was going to be a disaster for MI students and one look at the results and you can see she was right on.  For example, 3rd grade reading proficiency has gone from 75% before Common Core to 44% a mere 10 years into the failed experiment.

  • Edited & endorsed “Changing the Course of Failure: How Schools & Parents Can Help Low-Achieving Students” authored by Dr. Sandra Stotsky - national education expert, developer of MA miracle standards, & former member of the MA Department of Education.

  • Tami has educated many people of all ages, income and ability levels. She has special training in educating gifted children, those that are “twice exceptional” and has been a volunteer tutor for at-risk students in Detroit.


Attended public schools from kindergarten through graduating with honors from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/ Accounting major/ Philosophy minor. 40 hours of continuing professional education per year.


As a Corporate CPA, Business Owner, & Process Improvement Expert of 30 years, Tami has helped many companies with business plans, administration, accounting, finance, taxes, security, controls, project management & making the systems, processes & procedures the best they can be.  She has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of many large corporations, saved them millions of dollars, implemented several computer systems, and owns her own consulting business.

Other Political and Volunteer Activities

  • Hard working Republican as National (2016), State & Local Delegate for 10 years.

  • Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee – in 3rd term.

  • Former Michigan Conservative Coalition Treasurer ~1 year.

  • Have organized, spoke, and volunteered at many political events for 10 years.

  • MI U.S. Constitution Bee Organizer​

  • Former Sponsor of the Republican Club at Northville High School for 6 years.

  • Former Sponsor of Northville High School Young American’s for Freedom Chapter for 4 years.

  • Michigan Woman for Trump Leadership Team. http://www.p2016.org/trump/trump101216prmi.html

  • Completed over 1,000 hours of service over the last 20 years, including raising & donating over $100,000 to help abused children & girls rescued from sex trafficking. The fundraiser involved Tami teaching about 400 volunteers each year, mostly high school students, for 6 years how to run a not-for-profit gift-wrapping business in the mall.

  • Serves Plymouth Women's Bible Study Fellowship as Treasurer - 3 years.

  • Volunteer Financial Coach & Teaching Leader at NorthRidge Church ~8 years.

  • Certified Therapy Dog Team with Samoyed Luna - 3 years.  Volunteers at schools, hospitals & nursing homes. Tami especially enjoys working with K-12 special needs students, the mentally ill, and UM students experiencing exam stress.  http://www.therapaws.org/

  • Former longest running Chair of the AICPA Controllers Conference, 6 years, due to her innate ability to educate and to come up with innovative courses of great interest.  At these conferences Tami was an educator in the fields of positive leadership, ethics, law, emotional intelligence, & corporate & career planning & strategy.

  • Former member on a Board of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan, as well as an award-winning Administrative Leader & Troop Leader for 12 years.


Tami's personality is consistent as the Bible is her guide.  She is diplomatic and leads with love and compassion and sees value in every single person.  She will try to find the gold in you even when you are not at your best.  This is extremely important in education and for children in general.  She has both a high intellectual and emotional intelligence.  This makes her a great Process Improvement Expert as she identifies problems and gathers all relevant data to come to the best solution.  She is a great listener.  Beyond that she is a Bold Leader and will not sit idle as things that have a negative impact on our children happen.  

​As a Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR), with 7 relatives that served, Tami bleeds red, white, and blue. Education advocacy is a calling for her.  She strongly feels education activism is a fight for the heart & soul of our country. With Tami's extensive knowledge about education, gained from 20 years of daily education advocacy work, she has the knowledge needed to get MI schools back on track.  Her career achievements will also be extremely beneficial to the State of Michigan Board of Education.


Why is Michigan Education Broken and What About Our Education Budget and Accountability?

This is a complex issue and there is a ton of propaganda out there about how our schools are underfunded and do not get enough resources. This is not the case!  If you look at the spending in MI over the past several years - it has gone up, while results have gone down.  On the national level, the U.S. Department of Education has spent over a trillion dollars with the goal of helping the poor children.  Instead the poor children are not better off, and the rest of the children are performing worse. 

Tami's philosophy on money in education is based on providing each child the best education for a bright future so they can thrive and so can our state and nation.  When it comes down to it; we either spend up front or we pay later in welfare, jail costs, etc.  The amount we must spend is whatever amount it takes to give each child an excellent education.  She also strongly believes every dollar given must be spent wisely and have a direct and positive impact on educating the children.  There is a lot of waste, money that is unaccounted for, and schools are being asked to do things well beyond their primary job.

Our problem is a very powerful and centralized system that serves interests who are not concerned with achieving excellence in education. Activists like Tami standing up and challenging the corrupt system is the only hope that our children have for a bright future.

Additionally - here is what Tami proposes:

Increase accountability of state education policy leaders.

• With everybody making policy and passing laws and nobody being held accountable for the declining results in our schools, we clearly need to tighten the ship. Students deserve better, as do the taxpayers.

• Smarter use of educational dollars; make sure every penny is spent wisely.

• Draft resolution that will hold SBE members accountable or they won’t run again; put it on agenda and vote. Can then use this every time people doubt their efforts; can ask them if they will be held accountable for what they are doing in education. Legislators putting thru ed bills but no accountability for school success. SBE will be undermined or abolished if don’t step up.

• Discuss with the SBE how they can offset the 10% of MI school funding that comes from the feds in order that the unconstitutional strings are broken.  This is where REAL CHOICE can then happen, local control can succeed, and our children can get properly educated.


Tami's Plan to Fix Education

How to Return Truth and Excellence to Education for Every Child

  • Ban Common Core, NGSS and C3 and replace with the proven best standards.

  • Stop the Leftist, Marxist, Communist indoctrination and return academic and intellectual integrity to our schools.

  • Explicit Phonics education for every child in every grade until all children can read.

  • High academics using proven educational methods based on proper child development. Classical education including America’s Founding; classical literature; explicit phonics; scientific method & fact-based science including chemistry & physics with theory presented as such, efficient & effective math teaching foundation then building blocks.

  • Stop teaching to tests and make sure every child's intellectual development comes first.

  • Increase entrance & graduation requirements for Teachers & provide merit-based pay so our children get the best in their classrooms.

  • Remove unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative positions to save taxpayer money.

  • Stop the systemic discrimination against Conservative Professors, Teachers and Students at our schools and colleges.

  • Return local control and parental rights to our schools.

  • Protect home school freedom.

  • Prevent invasive and unconstitutional Vaccination mandates.

  • Make sure the personally identifiable Information of children is protected and our children are never data mined.

  • Stop LGBT educational mandates and boys in girls' sports.

  • Return respect and discipline to the classroom.


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